The Best Jeans for Petite Women

Ladies under 5’3’’ will know, shopping for jeans is a constant struggle. Finding well-fitting, on-trend petite clothes, in general, can be a challenge, but jeans always seem to be a major problem. Why are jeans so unbelievably long? The biggest issue is usually the length, but many petite women also have a hard time with waist sizing. The proportions of ‘straight size’ jeans are created for a different body type. Petite women are sick of considering shopping in the kid’s section in the hopes of a pair of pants that fit, and they shouldn’t have to.  If you’re done chopping off the bottom of your jeans and praying the distressed look never goes out of style, read on.


Buying petite jeans:

The best jeans for petite women will be created with people 5’3’’ and under in mind. While you can take a pair of jeans to a tailor, more often than not, they will never look right. Jeans that are made for tall girls will have a wider leg opening. This is because the majority of American designers don’t carry petite jean sizes. They only make regular sizes made to fit women 5’4’’ and above, meaning the inseam length will probably be around 30’’ to 33’’ - or, in other words, way too long!

Finding full-length, flare, skinny, or mom jeans in petite sizes shouldn’t be so hard. Why should the tall girls have all the fun wearing proportionally perfect jeans all the time? Short girls - rejoice! 

Petite jeans by AzuPetite

We are calling all petite girls! At AzuPetite, we want you to know, we hear you, we understand your struggles of finding properly fitting petite clothing, and we’re doing something about it. If taking every pair of new jeans to a tailor to have them hemmed sounds a little exhausting - we have your back.  Short girls, you can finally find the perfect fit with AzuPetite.


What Makes AzuPetite’s jeans the best jeans for Petites?

First and foremost, AzuPetite is a fashion house created by petite women for petite women. Our designs are specially crafted to flatter shorter women. We believe petite women should have a clothing sanctuary where they don’t have to fuss with jeans that are dragging on the floor or the dreaded waist gap caused by jeans not created for every body shape.


Our jean sizes range from 23-32, making us one of a few exclusive brands that also cater to petite plus size ladies. We also list the inseam measurement in all of our jeans to make shopping easier. Let’s face it; most major retail stores don’t have the capacity to specifically cater to petite women. All of our models here at AzuPetite are 5’3’’ and under. Finally, feel what it’s like to try on a pair of petite jeans and not feel like you're swimming in them or playing dress-up in mom’s closet.