We're Changing The Way You Think About Petite Clothing

Petite ladies, do you ever feel like a minority while you're shopping? We get it, being under 5'3" and shopping for the latest trends and styles can more often be a bust than a successful shopping trip.


AzuPetite was created to serve our shorter audience. We believe petite clothing shouldn't be synonymous with "specialty" items or shops. Petite sizes should be a standard option in retail stores. But, unfortunately, it's not. We're making a point to change that. We solely cater to petite women here at AzuPetite because we understand the need for stylish, comfortable, and affordable petite clothing.


The Problem With Petite Clothing:

While some retailers have a petite section (we're grateful for it), it's often only a few key pieces like a jacket, a pair of jeans, or a petite skirt. And yes, everyone needs solid, go-to basics in their wardrobe; however, we also need more options.


What about stylish petite maxi dresses, pants that don't make you feel like you're swimming, and a maxi dress that won't drag on the floor while you walk? Too often, mainstream retailers don't have enough options; they only have size XXS is stock or forgo a petite section altogether.

We're not sure why exactly it's so difficult to find high-quality, fashionable, ready-to-wear petite clothing. It's 2020, after all, and it's time for a change.


Plus Size Petite Clothing

If a mainstream retailer does have a petite section, chances are they won't offer petite plus sizes. We're a women's line dedicated solely to serving petite women of all shapes and sizes. Our plus size maxi dresses and jeans are designed with our plus size gals in mind. We cut our garments to flatter EVERY body.


From the lack of plus size petite clothing in stores to a general dismissal of a whole demographic of women, something's gotta give! AzuPetite is determined to bridge the gap between straight sizes and petite sizes. Short girls shouldn't have to pick from only a couple of items when tall girls have endless opportunities.


Our Commitment To You

We don't want you ever to feel limited when it comes to fashion. Our pieces are made with a petite woman's frame in mind. At AzuPetite, you will find all of your favorite styles like jeans and maxi dresses in proportions that work for your body, not just the tall models you see in the ads.


We're on a mission to transform the way petite clothing is made. We can’t wait to continue to turn out petite looks!