AZUPETITE was founded with a simple vision: there should be a brand dedicated for petite women.

Founded by a petite fashionista who stands 5’2” tall, she has always struggled to find clothes that fit. Pants are too long and maxi dresses are mopping the floor. Nothing is worse than finding a beautiful dress, classic pair of jeans and trousers but they are just too long.
Our mission is to solve petite women’s problems of finding clothes that fit them properly and to make them feel confident in our clothes. Those hours of browsing online from sites to sites, visiting tailors and spending extra money that you could’ve bought more clothes — are over.
We understand your frustration of seeing tall models online wearing clothes you want to buy but you’re wondering how they’d fit YOU. We only use petite models who are 5’3” and under and what you see is what you get!
Our clothes are designed in Los Angeles with love and passion to serve petite ladies in all shapes.
We look forward to having you being part of our movement — #petitesrule.

AZUPetite Founder