Founded by a 5’2”, petite fashionista who has always struggled to find the right fit, we’ve decided to change things. Pants are always too big, maxi dresses are touching the floor and those classic pair of jeans are just too long.

Our mission is to solve the problems petite women face when they’re shopping for clothes that fit, give them confidence and allow them to express who they are. All those hours spent browsing online from site to site, visiting the tailor and spending extra money that could’ve gone on more clothes are over.

We feel the same way you do — frustrated by the tall models online wearing the clothes you want to buy while you are left wondering how they’ll ever fit YOU. It’s why we only use petite models who are 5’3” and under so that what you see is what you get!

To ensure you get exactly what you’ve been searching for, our clothes are designed in Los Angeles with love and passion to serve petite ladies of all shapes.

We welcome you into our movement, and remember: #petitesrule